Engaging Internal PartnersEngaging Internal Partners

Creating data narratives to engage internal teams

Engaging Internal Partners
Engage Your Internal Audiences

BI platforms and analytics packages are amazing. Data scientists and analysts are uncovering extensive insights as they methodically pore over the data. Complex dashboards are alive with charts, real time tracking and scores.

But is the message getting through?

Often internal audiences are the most difficult to reach, even with the best data science and visualizations. Internal staff are busy, time-starved and not always focused on the game changing insights served up by sophisticated experts and tools.

The antidote? Written story telling.

Interactive visualizations do not tell the whole story. Words tell a story. Graphs and charts illustrate the points made in the narrative. The experts at Chrysalis partner with clients to pull out critical data elements, and then prepare custom written narratives around the data to tell the story.

  • Put the findings in context.
  • Explain what they mean.
  • Clarify why they matter.
  • Highlight the resulting opportunities and risks.

Our experts create custom-designed analytical content specifically for internal audiences, in a range of formats, shapes and sizes, to tell the most important data stories. We tell the tale using the written word, combined with great design and perfectly packaged delivery formats.

From short forms that fit on a mobile phone screen, to long form articles and full reports, our writing brings your analysts’ insights to life, ensuring that your work is consumed and digested by critical internal stakeholders.

Contact Us for help creating more internal impact, or review our Data Articulation Services for more details.

High impact data findings need the narrative to truly tell the story

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