Humanizing Data© Workshop
Increase Analytics Engagement

Attend this powerful workshop and obtain practical new skills to make your reports, dashboards and analytics more compelling and more easily consumed.

About the Workshop

The Humanizing Data methodology injects Human-Centered Data Communications and Design Thinking principles into current analytics efforts, driving up analytics engagement across the organization, even with most reluctant or inexperienced users. The session is not tool-specific. Instead, the techniques and principles are applicable to any BI, visualization or analytics tool in use. Attendees will leave the session with skills and tactics they can use immediately.

You’ll Learn
  • How to create dashboards that people will really use
  • Proven techniques for advanced data visualization, report design and data product development based on the science of visual perception and human cognition
  • The art of telling data stories that stick with users and activate data-driven behaviors
  • How to overcome common obstacles to analytics adoption and usage
Who It’s For

These workshops are for experienced analytics teams, BI professionals, dashboard builders and reporting teams. Each session delivers expert-level skills enhancements, along with a practical set of tools, guidelines, checklists and assessments that will improve every analytics deliverable.


Thrive Workplace
9200 E Mineral Ave
First Floor
Centennial CO  80112

Pricing Options
One Day Workshop:  $499 per person
  • A full day of thorough instruction and examples of the Humanizing Data methodology, and why these techniques are so powerful and effective.
  • Starts at 9am, ends at 4:30pm
Two Day Workshop: $895 per person
  • An optional second day includes extensive exercises and hands-on opportunities to practice what you’ve learned in Day 1.
  • Starts at 9am, ends at 3:30pm
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Centennial, CO - February 27-28
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Join us and help your organization take a giant leap forward in activating users across departments and skill levels to be more data-driven, and more actively engaged with analytics.

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