Project and Challenge Information Center

Thanks for helping your fellow Colorado Smart Cities Alliance members by submitting your information to this system.

Our goal is to capture current specifics about challenges you're grappling with, and innovation projects you're working on. We'll then share those details, best practices and successful partnerships rapidly with fellow members, to inform, inspire and support all our work across categories.

The Alliance compiles all government survey results into a uniform database to explore the common challenges that Colorado cities face and assist you in finding innovative partners and solutions. The data you submit is loaded into our research library and available in a searchable platform only available to members of the Alliance. These challenges and projects organized across all Alliance government members provide valuable insight into innovation initiatives and opportunities across our state.

You'll notice there are three kinds of activities that we'd like you to tell us about:

  • Challenges that you're focused on and working to solve
  • Projects you're planning or managing currently, to solve problems and inject innovation into your jurisdiction
  • Solution Requests can be formal or informal, and will serve as a request for advice and suggestions from other Alliance members
This system is an extension of the original work the Alliance did to capture details about challenges and projects. This tool will help us make the process of capturing your information simpler, faster, and more convenient.


  • Select Challenge, Project or Solution Request from the menu in the right column
  • Enter your contact information, and then give us any available details about the item you're submitting
  • Don't worry about whether the item(s) you're submitting are duplicates. Once you submit an item, our team reviews it and spots and manages any duplicates.
  • You'll notice that the form offers many existing options in drop down menus for ways to categorize the item you're entering. If you can't find the right one for your information, just select Other and write in your thoughts in the Additional Notes or Description fields.

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