Better Renewals and a More Complete Client Solution

Analytics & BI Platforms

Analytics and BI platform sellers know that renewals are the key to success. But if engagement rates are low, their non-renewals will lead to painfully high churn rates.

Shrewd analytics platforms understand that selected professional services are needed to round out their offering, but they’re often not set up to deliver them.

Chrysalis has launched its Humanizing Data Services to accommodate both of these critical requirements for BI & Analytics platforms.

Narrative Drives Home the Relevance of Data Findings

One reason for low engagement and low renewals is that insights generated from powerful visualizations and dashboards simply aren’t being consumed. Users may not fully understand the data presented, or, may not see the relevance of the data as it pertains specifically to them and their responsibilities.

Often this is because charts and graphs only tell part of the story. And now we know that to truly communicate what the data says, why it matters, and what to do about it, a carefully crafted narrative is needed.

That narrative must frame the findings and put them in context, and be shaped separately for different groups of users.

To drive this engagement for Analytics and BI platforms, Chrysalis offers its Humanizing Data Services, meant to ensure that users consume, digest and take action on powerful analytical findings.

Chrysalis handles each client on a full-service, turnkey basis that delivers polished results as needed and on-the-fly, driving engagement and usage across the client organization. And there’s no cost to the Analytics platform for these services.

Adding Professional Services to Deliver a Complete Client Solution

To grow revenue and build out a more complete analytics solution for clients, key professional services are required. But often, analytics firms do not want to become professional services companies.

We designed our Humanizing Data Services to offer analytics platforms a turnkey, yet customized set of professional services. The deliverables cost nothing to our platform partners, and because we share revenues, they in fact become a high-margin, incremental revenue stream.

Our goal is to ensure that your users, colleagues and co-workers understand, process and take action based on the data. We synthesize. Interpret. Articulate. Package. Deliver.

We customize each deliverable for each audience, and deliver fast, affordable, polished tools to your clients. Contact Us to learn more about our Humanizing Data Services.

Solving the “last mile” problem for analytics and BI platforms by driving usage and engagement throughout the enterprise.

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