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Chrysalis now offers a customized version of its industry-leading Humanizing Data Services to power public relations efforts, delivering uniquely designed materials that rapidly engage reporters across industries.

To get PR hits and land interviews and bylines, a story has to get the attention of the writer, editor or journalist. When stories are stocked with insightful data visualizations and explainers, stories tend to get picked up faster and by a large group of publications.

To accomplish this, Chrysalis has built a team of analysts, researchers, engineers, writers, designers, visualizers and graphics professionals that transform client data into powerful visualizations and high-impact, explanatory narratives.

In close coordination with our PR partners, Chrysalis analyzes key client data, and rapidly builds out a series of visualized data humanization tools that can be injected into bylines, press releases, pitches and PR Alerts in many forms and formats.

Each set of polished, shareable graphics is combined with cogent, analytical narrative, designed to capture reporters’ attention. Each set adds depth to stories and helps position clients as thought leaders, industry authorities and knowledgeable experts in their respective fields.

Type of Data Used
There are a few common scenarios for the data used in these specialized services:

  • Clients provide a data output of some kind to their PR firm, who coordinates with us. This could be a spreadsheet or a set of data points that need analysis and analytical narrative to be created
  • Clients may have commissioned some primary market research, such as industry surveys etc, and need to have a more powerful set of tools to humanize and deliver those findings to trade press, consumer press or in social media
  • If the client doesn’t have a set of data ready to go, Chrysalis is often asked to study the client’s business and request a set of data points that will serve as the foundation for the output needed. Often this is more easily understood if Chrysalis creates a series of mockups (for no charge) to give the client ideas, and help set the direction.

A True Partnership
The team at Chrysalis respects our partners’ relationships with their clients. That’s why our services are perfectly tuned to be delivered through our PR partners, and not separate from them. This way, the PR firm retains the primary client relationship and the oversight their client expects with regard to delivering these services.

This approach also gives PR firms the opportunity to create additional billings from these services, since we offer our PR firm partners “wholesale” pricing. They can then appropriately add their markup to the services to compensate them for their oversight and coordination efforts.

Flexible, Fast, and On-Demand
We get that clients want everything yesterday and at a low price. That’s why we’re set up to move fast, deliver great quality every time, and keep costs low, so that clients want to use these specialized services frequently.

We’re always happy to work on-the-fly without any long term or expensive upfront agreements, with a standard set of agreed upon prices in place so that there are no surprises.

The Deliverables
We are constantly adding to and refining the ways in which we deliver our data-focused outputs to clients. We want to ensure that we deliver the most powerful content in the ideal format with just the right amount of detail, written to engage the exact audience it is meant for.

To us, each deliverable is considered a “container”. A container refers to the format of the deliverable (a PDF, a JPEG, a Word document, an interactive web page, a web-based image carousel) and a number of content units within that container. A content unit is simply a data finding, a graphic visualization of the data finding, and some explanatory narrative. Containers can be small and pointedly designed to be extremely usable on a mobile phone screen, for example, or via an interactive web page, or a more traditional multi page report in a PDF. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and creativity to ensure that the right content units are delivered in an ideal format in a perfectly sized container to suit each audience.

Let’s Get Started!
If you’d like to get some samples or kick around ideas, please get in touch. We’re also happy to create specific mockups for clients at any time, for no charge. This is often the best way to help our PR partners and their clients to see what our work can do.

For PR firms, these services are like instantly powering up a deeply experienced analytics, content and design team, that delivers professional services inexpensively, and on-demand for your clients. So let’s get started!

Contact Us for samples and more information.

A powerful, on-demand set of data capabilities that engage reporters and increase story placements.

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