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How we help CDOs

According to Gartner, “90% of large global organizations will have a CDO by 2019, but only 50% will be considered a success”. The difficulties that hamstring talented CDOs range from a lack of buy-in and authority from the C-Suite, to an overload of responsibilities and expectations, to enormous technology complexities, and an acknowledged difficulty in demonstrating and measuring success.

Chrysalis was built to serve CDOs who are serious about injecting every possible iota of value from their data into their enterprise, and who acknowledge the challenges they face. Purpose-built to support the business of data management and utilization, Chrysalis has created a set of services and resources for CDOs:

  • Humanizing Data Services
    Success often means owning the narrative. For CDOs, it means owning the data narrative.

    One of the difficulties encountered by CDOs is low engagement with the powerful dashboards and data visualizations they’ve implemented. Often this is because charts and graphs only tell part of the story.

    To truly communicate what the data says, why it matters, and what to do about it, a carefully crafted narrative is needed. That narrative must frame the findings and put them in context, and be shaped separately for different groups of users: Sales people. Customer service personnel. Operations staff. Executives. Board Members. Each consumes and digests data differently and from a different point of view.

    The experts at Chrysalis assist CDOs with creating compelling, analytically-focused explanations of data findings, via our Humanizing Data Services. Each audience receives its own curated findings, in containers that are structured to appeal to each group of users.

    Chrysalis handles each client on a full-service, turnkey basis that delivers polished results as needed and on-the-fly. Affordable and customizable, Humanizing Data Services solve the Last Mile problem in analytics.

  • Data Utilization CheckUps
    Because there are dozens of ways to utilize and get value from corporate data assets, Chrysalis offers multiple options for objective data utilization assessments:

    • An online, self-service Data Valuation and Utilization checkup. Supply point-and-click answers to a few questions and receive a utilization score in real time.
    • A Data Appraisal: An in-depth assessment personally directed by a Chrysalis data utilization expert, resulting in a professionally developed report suitable for the highest level executives within an organization.
  • Data Monetization Reviews
    Because there are more than two dozen ways to monetize corporate data assets, Chrysalis offers a variety of monetization studies to assist CDOs with their mission-critical responsibility of revenue creation from data.

    • An online, self-service Data Value and Utilization checkup. Supply point-and-click answers to a few questions and receive an online assessment on screen, and in real time.
    • A formal Data Appraisal, delivered by a skilled analyst, familiar with the Data Appraisal methodology that Chrysalis pioneered and then licensed to the Data Appraisal Institute. Data Appraisals deliver statements of Highest and Best Use for each data asset studied, along with revenue estimates based on an analysis of similar, competitive data assets
  • Productizing Data
    Existing data assets offer myriad strategic and revenue-producing possibilities. But fashioning those data assets into synthesized data products takes insight, time and experience that may not always be available on staff, and on-demand as priorities change.

    The Chrysalis network of data professionals is deeply experienced with repackaging and productizing disparate data assets to meet strategic, revenue and client retention objectives:

    • Creating synthesized data products, such as branded Rankings, Indexes, Studies, Reports and Leaderboards
    • Identifying and vetting appropriate data co-op opportunities and coordinating participation
    • Identifying and developing high-value data swaps and exchanges with carefully vetted partners to serve strategic purposes
    • Building the capabilities to rent, license or sell specific data elements or assets, while also building the sales network and direct sales capabilities to capture available revenue
    • Syndicating data assets
    • Creation of DaaS capabilities
  • The Data Directory
    A rich, online directory of data-related companies, services and professionals spanning the full spectrum of data disciplines with dozens of new additions appearing daily.

  • Data Genius Profiles
    Chrysalis interviews and writes compelling industry profiles on specially skilled data experts to inspire and educate the larger community.

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