Solving the Last Mile Problem in Analytics.

Humanizing Data Overview
Putting Data Findings in Context with Narrative.

Businesses today are blessed with mountains of data, and a plethora of sophisticated analytics and BI platforms to visualize the data. Corporate leaders are emphatic about democratizing these data and findings all over the organization. The dashboards themselves are beautiful, compelling and packed with insights.

Yet something still isn’t quite right: all that data – all those insights – aren’t being consumed by nearly enough staff members outside the analytics and insights teams.

One of the more potent reasons for this is that charts, graphs, tables and dashboards only tell part of the story. The rest of the story needs to be told with words – words written by humans who have studied the subject matter, and who understand their audience.

An effective data narrative puts these critical findings into context. It explains what the data says. Why it matters. What to do about it. It engages and activates personnel from entry level staffers to Board members, helping them understand, digest, make decisions and take action.

Synthesize. Interpret. Humanize.

Chrysalis has created an affordable, on-demand service to do just this. We call it Humanizing Data.

  • Our teams of analysts observe, study and interpret the powerful results from BI and Analytics platforms.
  • Our writers synthesize these findings into prescriptive, intelligent insights with nuance and relevance and context.
  • Our designers create customized content containers to house the data and findings and the written word that tells the story in the size and format that is perfect for each audience.
  • Younger, millennial employees? These containers fit on a phone screen.
  • Mid level managers faced with a dozen decisions a day? One page digests that get to the point and get the job done.
  • Sophisticated, senior board members? In-depth reports with high level explanations that look at the macro trends, YOY comparisons, competitive comparisons and industry-wide implications.

Our goal is to ensure that your users, colleagues and co-workers understand, process and take action based on the data. We Synthesize. Interpret. Humanize.

We’re the opposite of AI, algorithms and real-time reports. We take the time to get the key message across to each group, in the right format, at the right moment.

You’ve invested both dollars and professional capital in your data platform solutions. Make sure the data you’re managing is cutting through the noise and getting to every team that matters in the organization..

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Chrysalis Data Humanization ensures that your users, colleagues and coworkers understand, process and take action based on data.

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