Our People

Kitty Kolding
chief executive officer

Ms. Kolding is a successful start-up CEO, having led multiple new, early stage and mid stage start-ups across categories including marketing tech, marketing services and data. She has founded and led three of her own companies, and has been brought into several start-ups by Founders and VC investors as a professional CEO, to drive more disciplined and productive business operations, for firms including House Party, Cravebox, Elicit, Infocore and Innovation Pavilion.

Kitty founded Chrysalis Partners in early 2018, a company that helps obtain value, utility and revenue from data. Immediately prior to Chrysalis, Kitty was CEO of Infocore for 5 years, where she oversaw a team of global data sourcing and activation experts serving Fortune 500 marketers and their agency partners in the USA and 90 countries around the world.

Prior to her appointment at Infocore, she was CEO of several start-ups, including Cravebox, a next generation marketing platform for Fortune 500 consumer marketers, and House Party, a social and experiential marketing firm, for nearly 5 years. Prior to joining House Party, Kitty was founder and CEO of S3, an outsourced services firm specializing in strategic sales and partnerships, which she ran for 4 years on a full time bases, after leading strategic sales and business development at Jupiter Research, where she held a series of executive positions, helping grow revenues to over $100 million.

Kitty has been quoted across major media outlets, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox News, CNBC.com, Fast Company, Variety, Advertising Age, Adweek, Brandweek and Event Marketer Magazine. She has been a featured speaker at leading industry conferences, such as the WOMMA Summit, Digital Hollywood, ad:tech and the American Marketing Association events.

Ms. Kolding lives in Parker, Colorado with her husband and two sons. Her Linkedin bio is here.


Paul Kelly
chief marketing officer

Paul Kelly brings a wide range of experience in marketing and creative development work for both small and large organizations working for clients in financial services, media, publishing, fashion, interior design, technology, real estate and the public sector.

Prior to founding Kellyco Marketing, Kelly held various senior positions in marketing, marketing communications and creative management. Most recently as Senior Vice President, Marketing with Jupiter Research, a leading internet market research company, Kelly led the company’s marketing efforts with Fortune 1000 clients in 13 countries from 1999-2002. There, he managed a 30-plus group of professionals charged with brand development, sales support, creative services, web design/marketing, event marketing and promotion.

Prior to joining Jupiter, Kelly served as Director of Marketing at Newsweek. In addition to developing new integrated marketing communications and sales support programs, Kelly was responsible for new multimedia and internet marketing initiatives. Previously, Kelly served as Creative Director for all marketing communications at Times Mirror Magazines where he managed an in-house agency responsible for design and promotion work for ten consumer titles. Under his management, this in-house group established an impressive outside client base transforming the group into a high-volume, award-winning creative shop. Kelly also developed marketing programs for special corp rate projects, including a major exhibit with the Smithsonian and a start-up cable channel (Outdoor Life Channel).

Kelly also served as Marketing Director of Euramerica, a division of Ogilvy & Mather, and as a principal partner in the New York-based marketing communications firm Woodruff Kelly.

Paul currently resides in New York City.


Kraig Monteferrante
chief revenue officer

Kraig leads revenue across the organization at Chrysalis. He previously led sales and customer programs with Strategic Sales Services (“S3”) since 2011, managing an extensive range of client projects across industries. Prior to joining S3, Kraig was the VP of Strategic Accounts for House Party, an experiential marketing company based that serves Fortune 500 marketers with product launches and consumer engagement. Previous to House Party Kraig was a Tae Kwon Do Chief Instructor, while serving as VP Sales & Marketing for Longero / Iron Mountain Industries, a custom steel fabrication firm in Denver, CO.

Back in the day, Kraig learned the business of sales from multi-year stints at each of Data General as a Sales Director, at Informix as an Account Manager, and at NCR as a product specialist in the retail category.

Kraig received his B.S. in Marketing from Denver University, and lives in suburbs of Denver with his wife, kids and dogs. His Linkedin bio is here.


Anne Humpich
chief operations officer

Three of Anne's favorite things - data, communication, and design, converge in the Chrysalis mission. As COO, Anne orchestrates internal teams, project management and execution processes to ensure on-time, high quality project delivery and efficient operations.

Prior to joining Chrysalis, Anne led operations and project management for twelve years at Fogarty Consulting, a high end custom software and technology company. Previous to Fogarty Consulting, Anne served as head of Sales Operations for House Party Inc, supporting its vibrant team of direct sales personnel focused on experiential programs for consumer brand launches. Before House Party, she served as COO of Strategic Sales Services, where she managed systems and sales operations for more than 15 years, focusing on execution, efficiency and targeting.

Anne lives in the suburbs of Chicago in a somewhat dilapidated home on a lovely lot where all creatures and birds are welcomed. She and her husband foster dogs and have a menagerie of their own rescued, non-human roommates, who account for the dilapidation. Her Linkedin bio is here.


Mark Fogarty
chief technology officer

As CTO, Mark is focused on overseeing development and management of all proprietary technology tools and systems, while also overseeing all IT functions and staff. With an extensive background in creating high performing, web-based tools and interactive systems, Mark brings technology innovation to every client project the firm delivers.

Prior to his tenure at Chrysalis, Mark was the Founder and CTO at Fogarty Consulting, a high-end custom software and technology company that served clients like the U.S. Navy and numerous mid-sized companies, building mission-critical systems and complex, web-based applications.

Previous to Fogarty Consulting, Mark served as VP of Technology for House Party Inc, managing its immersive technology platform focused on consumer brand launches. Earlier still he was CTO of Strategic Sales Services, building their proprietary sales contact and activity tracking systems for a series of outsourced sales teams, while also overseeing all IT functions across the organization.

Mark lives in South Texas with his wife, daughter and a series of birds, dogs and scorpions. His Linkedin bio is here.

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