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At Chrysalis, the secret to our success is the vibrant, mutually productive partner relationships we forge with technology, systems and services providers. We know that success in smart city initiatives takes a combination of companies with expertise across multiple disciplines to bring these complex projects to life.

That’s why we work with players big and small, from every aspect of smart city programs. Each relationship is designed to meet the needs of our partners and their customers. Our goal is always to provide value to the customer relationship, while delivering incremental revenue to our partners.

Working Together.

Our approach to partnering is flexible, pragmatic, and outcomes-focused. In some cases, our partners include our data expression capabilities in their solutions plans from the early stages of customer engagement. In these situations, we can “white label” our services, and price them to our partner on a wholesale basis, allowing them to add a profit margin on top.

In others, we come into market after the project has been won, and add our services to the mix. In these cases, we do a revenue share with our partners to ensure that their efforts to add Chrysalis to the mix are well rewarded.

About the Partner Portal.

These specialized pages are designed to give our partners a 24/7/365 resource to learn about and engage with Chrysalis. They’re also designed to provide our partners with the materials they need to include Chrysalis in a smart city project.

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