Skill Up to Meet the Data Challenges Ahead

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Hands-on Training to Humanize and Monetize Data

Companies and cities today are responsible for managing and monetizing enormous quantities of valuable data. Opportunities, technologies and business models morph rapidly, making it difficult to keep up.

Chrysalis supports companies of all sizes, along with cities, towns and county municipalities by offering hands-on training for some of the more critical skills and knowledge needed to maximize data’s utility, and properly monetize it.

Our Humanizing workshops focus on teaching new skills and a powerful approach to dramatically increase analytics engagement across the enterprise. It isn’t software or technology; it’s about humanizing data to make it far more consumable by non-analysts.

Our Monetizing workshops teach cities, towns and counties practical methods to monetizing their highly valuable data assets. By creating incremental revenue streams, municipalities of all sizes can incorporate powerful and innovative new technologies and services to enhance quality of life in their cities.

Check out our current roster of workshops, which can be done on-site for groups of 8 or more. Questions? Contact us – we’d love to talk about how we can help.

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