Science-Based Approaches to Drive Analytics Usage and Engagement Across the Municipality

Humanizing City Data Workshop

As Smart City initiatives proliferate, municipalities are generating stunning new quantities of data. Data professionals are delivering powerful, actionable insights into the hands of direct practitioners across their cities via newly developed systems and sophisticated analytical interfaces. Their findings generate efficiencies, improve life for residents, and move cities toward sustainable futures.

But those critical findings rarely make their way to the Mayor, City Manager or City Council members to inform their planning and decision making. City leaders and municipal personnel who are not engineers, analysts or technologists are just not engaging with the data and systems. As a result they are missing out on insights and struggling to recognize the ROI of important internal tools.

The Science of Humanizing City Data

Our extensive research has identified the missing element that is preventing deeper engagement: the practice of Humanizing data.

The process of Humanizing data takes complex data assets and scientifically re-works them to engage individuals and groups that are not analysts, scientists or technologists. This popular, new technique is designed to engage and activate users of all skill levels, across departments.

Humanizing data uses the science of human behavior, visual perception, design thinking and the fundamentals of human cognition to create materials that users want to consume and digest.

This workshop teaches the fundamentals of this essential new approach to engaging every user and every department across the city.

Event Specifics
Who should attend
Engineers, Innovation Teams, Data Professionals, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, Analytics Professionals, BI Professionals, Analytics Product Managers
Learn how the science of cognitive processing, human behavior and visual perception can be wielded to create dramatic improvements in user engagement and analytics consumption. Learn to create dashboards that people will truly use and engage with. Learn how to incorporate design thinking and human-centered data communication principles to create compelling data presentations for city leaders. Accelerate toward becoming a data-driven municipality.

Agenda Elements

The Humanizing Data Approach

  • Current Statistics
  • Conducting Audience Studies
  • Incorporating Observational Research
  • Selecting Relevant Data

The Science of Top Tier Data Visualizations

  • Pre-Attentive Processing
  • Text & Visual Combinations
  • Effective Dashboard Design
  • Metrics & Dimensions

Effective Data Storytelling Techniques

  • Story Structures
  • Developing Storylines
  • Creating sound bites
  • Hooks & Pairings

Completed Deliverables Design

  • Gestalt Principles
  • Affordances
  • Extraneous Cognitive Load
  • Natural Eye Patterns
  • Mental Models
Lecture, Case Studies, Q&A, Examples
Session Options
1-Day: A full day of thorough instruction and examples of the Humanizing techniques and why they’re so powerful
2-Day: An optional second day includes extensive exercises and hands on opportunities to practice what you learned in Day 1, on your own materials
1-Day: $499
2-Day: $895

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