Ensuring that Data Insights Are Digested Across the Enterprise.

Who Humanizing Data is For
For Chief Data Officers

Success often means owning the narrative. For CDOs, it means owning the data narrative. Yet great dashboards and data visualizations only tell half the story – the rest must be told through well written prose that explains what the data says, and why it matters. The experts at Chrysalis assist CDOs with creating compelling, analytically-focused Data Stories on the fly, highlighting the notable findings, explaining the nuances, and speaking to actionable takeaways.

Perfectly suited for clients, prospects, fellow senior executives and staff members, each CDO can create a custom program defining the number and type of Data Story to be produced, letting Chrysalis handle each project on a full-service, turnkey basis that delivers polished results.

Our CDO clients use our Data Humanizing Services to highlight key successes, point to risks and opportunities, showcase wins and areas of growth, and promote the work of the CDO, their team and their tools.

For Smart Cities

City managers, for whom smart city initiatives are hugely consequential, must have the ability to intelligently synthesize the data and give definitive evidence of the efficacy of their smart city investments.

But their intra-city partners aren’t always going to log into the dashboard and consume the complex data on hand. When the needed analysis, synthesis and reporting is not resident on staff, smart cities turn to Chrysalis.

Our diverse group of analysts, researchers, engineers, writers, editors, visualizers and designers consume these many data feeds, and create to-the-point reports that answer the specific questions posed by city managers, mayors, councils and constituents.

For Analytics and BI Platforms

SaaS platform sellers know that renewals are the key to success. But if engagement rates are low and user seats aren’t growing, their non-renewals will lead to painfully high churn rates. One reason for low engagement is that insights generated from powerful visualizations and dashboards simply aren’t being consumed. Users may not fully understand the data presented, or, may not see the relevance of the data as it pertains specifically to them and their responsibilities.

To drive engagement for SaaS and analytics products, Chrysalis creates customized internal marketing tools, designed to help subscribers activate insights within an organization. These specialized alerts, updates and reports humanize key findings, make them easier to consume, and increase the relevance of the data for identified users. By putting the findings in context and humanizing key takeaways, users are far more engaged with the system and the data it produces, growing users and usage, and increasing renewal rates.

For Data Suppliers

Data suppliers have many ways to portray their data assets. But to offer a full picture, the subject matter is often complex, detailed and filled with jargon and industry terms. The resulting materials aren’t always as user-friendly as the data supplier might like, making it difficult to captivate buyers that aren’t as well versed as some.

Data Humanization Services are the perfect antidote to wonky spreadsheets and dense details about data assets. We tell the story of the data asset in new ways, with fresh visuals and helpful explanations, to engage current and new audiences.

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Our services assist CDOs, CIOs and analytics platforms, to ensure that the valuable data they’ve uncovered get consumed and acted upon.

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