Synthesizing extensive smart city data to humanize results

Smart Cities

According to a Cisco Global Cloud Index Report, a smart city of 1 million people will generate 180 million gigabytes of data per day. The data comes from dozens of different tools, applications and providers. It is dense, complex and arrives in a fast-moving firehose of outputs.

City managers, city councils, mayors and other city personnel have a huge stake in the success of these programs. To make informed decisions from these mountains of data, they must regularly receive synthesized insights to quickly understand the status, progress and hurdles of each project. Yet obtaining it from the available dashboards is inefficient and impractical for busy leaders.

This enormous quantity of data needs to be humanized for non-analyst users.

We help city leaders make more informed decisions by creating consistently delivered, plain-spoken briefing materials that objectively track ROI, and identify further opportunities for cost savings, improved services and new revenue streams.

Clear, concise, specific, and all in one convenient place.

What We Do
Making it Work: A Four Step Process

For each city client, the experts at Chrysalis follow a four-step process to get critical city stakeholders the decision-ready insights they need:

  • Data Review: The incoming flow of data is reviewed and documented, so that the Chrysalis team is fully briefed in inputs, formats, quantities and intervals
  • Audience Study: The intended recipients of this newly packaged insights are briefly studied, to understand each group’s roles, workflows, appetite for complexity, preferred consumption channels, objectives and perspectives
  • Deliverables Design: With a full understanding of the relevant data and the critical audiences, Chrysalis rapidly designs a set of customized “containers” to be used. Each container includes the relevant data, analytical narrative and visualizations in a format, tone and degree of complexity designed uniquely for each group.
  • Delivery: A schedule is created to accommodate the needs and available time of each audience group, and the materials are created and delivered, on schedule and on budget.

How We Humanize Data

To humanize these extensive flows of complex data and sophisticated analytics, our teams use our proprietary blend of skill, experience, technology and services:

  • Extraction: Relevant data is obtained from existing systems, platforms or dashboards
  • Curation: The data is carefully curated and distilled to pull out only the most relevant findings, to avoid information overload
  • Translation: Our writers explain the data using terminology that is familiar to each group, and make the details clear: what the data says, why it’s important, what to do about it.
  • Visualization: Specialized visualizations are created that emphasize key points, without overcomplicating the critical findings
  • Design: Data, visualization and analytical narrative are combined to tell the data’s story, and packaged into a uniquely designed Chrysalis Container, customized to accommodate the preferences of each audience
  • Deliver: Materials are delivered on a pre-arranged schedule to sync up perfectly with each audience’s schedule, requirements and available time

Our Experts

Our diverse teams of analysts, researchers, engineers, writers, editors, visualizers, graphics experts and designers are the secret sauce behind these specialized services. For each client, our diverse teams bring together a powerful combination of art and science to support non-analyst data consumers.

Getting Started
Working with Chrysalis is fast, easy and efficient. We can get your new data humanization services up and running in 2 weeks or less.

If you’d like to learn more about these services, please contact us. To see some examples, please download samples from the right side of this page.

Reducing the complexity of multiple, dense data streams into a clear and concise set of findings that highlight the success of smart city initiatives.

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