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Chrysalis is a group of data utilization experts that help companies extract every available bit of revenue and strategic value from their data. We offer services to assist with the extraction of data value across every discipline, from internal benchmarking to external promotions to the creation of incremental revenue streams from existing data assets.

Our analysts created the industry’s first Data Monetization Score, to give companies a practical guide to assessing how effectively they’re using their data, and the industry’s first Data Appraisal, to assign specific, concrete value to existing data assets.

Corporations both large and small possess valuable market data that, if properly monetized, can deliver substantial revenue streams and valuable insights to specific buyers. But, to capitalize on this opportunity, these data collectors must first learn the business of syndicated content development and distribution, and then invest heavily in the infrastructure and operations necessary to produce, sell and deliver these reports and services to a growing marketplace of buyers.

Chrysalis was founded to quickly and professionally solve this problem, by delivering the strategy, systems, people and expertise to entities seeking to efficiently exploit their valuable data assets.

Experts at Transforming Underutilized Data Assets into:
Transforming Underutilized Assets

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