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Data Syndication

Some companies possess valuable data assets which they may currently be selling in various formats, while also suspecting there is a real opportunity to monetize their data in new ways, to create entirely new revenue streams. However, few of these companies were built to take in raw data and build out derivative for-sale subscription or reports-based products that highlight trends, statistics, metrics or insights. Without the internal expertise needed, these legitimate revenue opportunities are squandered.

The Right Partner for New, Data-Driven Revenue

To capitalize on these opportunities, Chrysalis clients engage the full scope of our capabilities to help them assess, build, and deliver new, revenue-producing products.

Some clients are interested only in doing an initial exploration of the viability of producing revenue products based on their proprietary data. Others want to aggressively move forward with launching a syndicated analytical content business, but don’t have the internal know-how or the systems and personnel to do it themselves. In either case, Chrysalis has a specific offering to support their needs.

An initial Asset Analysis and Market Assessment is completed quickly, giving the data owner a comprehensive base of information from which to make their next decision. If the data owner wishes to move forward on their own, Chrysalis creates a highly specific blueprint to make the most of the current market opportunity, and the client executes on their own.

Turnkey if Needed

In other cases, clients prefer not to risk the distraction and upfront investment in a business with which they have no experience. To them Chrysalis offers a turnkey offering to build and deliver the product from start to finish. This offering truly delivers the best of both worlds: incremental revenue without the risk and investment to do it alone.

Get a Data Appraisal and get specific about the revenue options from your data.

Your data should be bringing you explicit revenue. We can make that happen.

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