Ensuring Cities are Getting Full Value and
Meaningful Revenue from Their Valuable Data

Monetizing City Data Workshop

This workshop helps leadership, staff and specialists across the municipality understand the dynamics, opportunities, pitfalls and practical approaches to monetizing city data.

Delivered as a one-day, hands-on session, the program presents a clear framework for the data monetization considerations a city should focus on, and reviews a set of tangible, practical steps to be taken, to kick off capturing incremental revenue from city data assets of all kinds.

Learn How – and When – to Monetize City Data

Municipalities today are blessed with increasing quantities of data, both from existing sources and from Smart City initiatives that are being contemplated or launched. Too often though, this data could be returning meaningful revenue to the city, yet it isn’t.

Unlocking this source of revenue is essential to funding the continued implementation of technology and smart systems that will benefit the entire community. But monetizing city data must be done thoughtfully, with a short- and long-term plan in place, and as a result of coordination across multiple groups, departments and partners.

This session tackles the big picture considerations; critical pre-sales planning steps; indepth looks at the four primary groups of city data buyers and what they’re looking for; pricing and packaging; and the right mix of deal terms to protect the city’s data assets while maximizing revenue.

This workshop delivers a practical How To for city leaders and staff to confidently begin converting their valuable data into productive revenue streams that support city opera-tions and city innovation.

This workshop covers the Why and How of humanizing data so that your teams can compellingly engage non-technical with thoughtfully designed materials that are easy to consume and digest.

Event Specifics
Who should attend
Planners, Innovation Specialists, Smart City Practitioners, Technical Teams, Operations Teams, Utilities and Public Works leadership and staff.
Learn to plan, prepare, and execute on the myriad opportunities to monetize the city's valuable data assets using measured, controlled, and well-governed approaches.

Preparing for Data Monetization

  • Data Governance
  • Data Privacy and Legal Compliance
  • Data Security, Handling and Storage
  • Data Capture and Collection
  • Data Ownership and Usage Rights

Monetization Execution

  • The 4 categories of City Data Buyers
  • Data Types Most in Demand
  • How and What buyers are really buying
  • Packaging and Pricing
  • Deal Terms and Usage Agreements
  • Estimating Actual Revenue
Lecture, Case Studies, Q&A, Examples
1-day workshop; (8:30am - 4:30pm)
$750 per person

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