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Data X-Rays

Data buyers recognize the criticality of surveying the market regularly to identify new potential data assets, conduct price comparisons and confirm compliance. But that doesn’t mean they always have the time or the most advanced tools to do it. Chrysalis has developed a series of tools and services to assist both data buyers and data sellers with the business of acquiring data.

Candidate Dataset X-ray Services for Data Buyers

To thoroughly evaluate a dataset to be acquired, there’s a better way than scanning fill reports, data cards and data dictionaries. To truly understand what a dataset consists of, what its strengths are, and how well suited it is for your particular purposes, we provide Dataset X-Rays.

Each X-ray is an in-depth, visualized, in-context window into a given data asset. Filled with breakdowns of key variables, statistical comparisons and clear visuals to point out strengths and weaknesses, these indispensable and inexpensive tools make the process of data acquisition far more precise and reliable.

X-rays are also an objective, external analysis of a data asset, so that data acquirers no longer have to rely solely on marketing materials by the data seller. Each X-ray is certified and accurate, to provide a validated view of a candidate dataset.

Click here to Download an Example of our Consumer Marketing Data XRay. Or click here to Download an Example of our Business Marketing Data XRay.

Candidate Dataset X-ray Services for Data Sellers

Your data is a valuable and unique asset. Yet the most common tools available to present your data to prospective buyers are too limited.

Your data has many dimensions, many unique characteristics, and several key strengths. A spreadsheet with a fill report and a data dictionary is not the ideal way to showcase your data.

X-rays are designed to present your data with more dimension, greater depth, and in a more relevant way, so that your buyers fully appreciate what your data has to offer.

By getting your data x-rayed, you’ll be presenting an accurate, objective representation of your data to help underscore its value and uniqueness.

Click here to Download an Example of our Consumer Marketing Data XRay. Or click here to Download an Example of our Business Marketing Data XRay.

External Data Audits

Competitive Research.
Survey the marketplace for new and competitive data sources that may not have been available or visible in the past. Teams bring forward extensive dossiers on new sources to fully and efficiently brief data buyers so that they know exactly what they want at renewal time.

Pricing Comparisons.
Chrysalis can also conduct in-depth research to document current pricing options for existing sources, and competitive sources to ensure clients are getting best-in-class pricing for their data purchases.

Compliance and Quality Checks.
Data privacy compliance is a high stakes game, and getting more complex every day. To ensure your data suppliers are up to the task, Chrysalis can conduct quality and compliance audits and deliver thorough, in-depth reports to satisfy your data policies and commitments.

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