Repackaging and ProductizingRepackaging and Productizing

Repackaging data to create new products for new audiences

Repackaging and Productizing

Some data assets are already so successful that new opportunities to package and productize the data get overlooked, or de-prioritized given the tyranny of the moment. And sometimes companies are fully aware that they can do more, but simply lack the internal expertise to create and execute on repackaging strategies.

Chrysalis can help.

Our teams are trained to spot opportunities, and present to clients an intriguing range of possibilities for creating new formats, price points and audiences for whom their data assets might be perfect.

If you’ve been wondering how to showcase every angle of your data assets, we’d love to do a free set of mock ups with concrete ideas.

These services focus on repackaging existing data products to attract entirely new buyer groups and garner incremental revenue. A recommendation is created to encompass many aspects of a potential re-design or re-packaging initiative, which may include:

  • New features. New access options, new delivery options and/or new search features.
  • New formats. Creating a mock up of several additional formats in which to deliver the data to existing or new audiences, both for revenue creation and for marketing/thought leadership purposes.
  • Adding Synthesized Insights. Creating a set of formats that include analysis, findings and written prose to explain the data, put it in context and make it more actionable.
  • Adding Visualizations. Recommendations for data points that could be visualized to add value to the user experience. A review of visualization packages can also be included if requested.
  • Aggregation. Recommendations for aggregating the data to identify trends and market changes.
  • Augmentation. Recommendations for adding external data elements/source to increase product value and utility to current and potentially new users.
  • Marketing & Sales Tools. Recommendations for pulling out key data elements from the dataset to support sales and marketing activities, including data-driven articles to be used for thought leadership articles and posts, as well as “snippets” to be created for use with PR pitches to entice writers with interesting insights that might prompt them to write about the company and its data.

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Repackaging data can breathe entirely new life - and revenues - into existing data assets

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