Data Geniuses Profiles

Every day the team at Chrysalis talks with experts, visionaries and leaders in the data business. Some are so compelling, and are doing such interesting and important things, that we create profiles about their work, their technology and their businesses.

Data Genius profiles look at these leaders and give readers a sense of some of the most interesting advancements in data today.

So dive in!

About Data Geniuses

Data Geniuses showcases innovative leaders and practitioners across more than a dozen industries who have made a material difference in their business with the intelligent consumption, synthesis and analysis of data.

Topics for Data Geniuses profiles tend to be focused on three topic areas:

  • Data Collection Methodologies and approaches that are new, especially innovative or are available only due to new technology advances not previously a reality
  • Specialized Tools for data management, mining, analysis, integration and visualization
  • Expert Practitioners who use, study, manipulate and deploy data every day to drive their businesses forward, including data scientists, analysts, corporate users and academics
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