Helping companies mine today's currency: Data


Virtually every active company today is in possession of a sea of data, either gathered in the course of their principal business activity, or as “exhaust data” that is gleaned as an after effect of operations. The challenge most every firm faces is clear: how to best utilize that data.

Chrysalis Partners was founded to assist data owners with identifying the most powerful and productive ways to utilize their data assets, and provide the ready expertise to execute on those tactics. The core team at Chrysalis consists of dozens of researchers, writers, analysts, editors, data visualization experts and designers, who take on each project in a completely customized way, to deliver high impact results for clients.

Much more than an advisory service, Chrysalis is structured to handle the design, creation and delivery of those new uses for existing data. Clients typically select one or more of the following service offerings from Chrysalis:

Internal Insights

Sometimes clients need an outsourced team to assist with in-depth analysis of their data to educate, update and advise their own internal staff. In this instance, clients may feel that consistently analyzing ongoing metrics and trends related to things like servicing time, customer churn, product growth, changing customer demographics or competitive activities are critical. These clients engage Chrysalis to find, analyze, visualize and create an easy-to-digest format for their data, enabling nimble and shareable reporting.

Strategic Positioning

Another common request is for us to create data driven content to be used in strategic positioning initiatives, including marketing and PR activities. These can take the form of white papers, web-based content, positioning content for marketing materials and more. The goal with these initiatives is to establish the client as a thought leader and knowledgeable expert in their given field, by creating authoritative content derived from the client’s own data assets.

Clients then use these materials to support product rollouts, address competitive threats, and engage in an industry discussion by owning the narrative. Sometimes the objective is to create very specific forms of analytical content to position the company as thought leaders, subject matter experts and industry authorities on topics that are central to the strategic positioning of the company.

Content Continuum
Incremental Revenue from Data

One of the most common reasons clients come to Chrysalis is to get the guidance and execution expertise they need to create an entirely new revenue stream from their data. These incremental revenues can take the form of:

  • Repackaging existing data to create new data products including reports and online subscriptions
  • Swaps, Exchanges, Co-Ops and Mashups
  • List Rental, Licensing, Data Syndication and DaaS offerings

To help clients take the first step, Chrysalis offers a free Data Monetization Scorecard, giving users an objective way to assess how well they’re currently using their data assets, and what value those assets truly possess.

Chrysalis also offers the industry’s only Data Appraisal service, giving clients an empirical, revenue focused valuation of their data assets.

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