Serious Research to Ensure Optimal Pricing for Your Data

Pricing Studies

Monetizing data assets is a powerful incremental revenue stream that many companies explore. But once the decision has been made to sell the data, how can companies be sure they’ve priced it optimally, and are targeting all the right groups of prospective buyer?

To support data sellers all over the world, Chrysalis now offers specialized Market and Pricing Studies.

Each study delves deeply into the most current data marketplace trends to identify prospective buyer groups, in the US or in any of nearly 100 international markets. Each buyer group is profiled, and a thorough explanation of their likely use case for the data is documented.

Next, the competitive marketplace is thoroughly researched, with Chrysalis analysts thoroughly researching similar data offerings. A complete dossier of each competitor is compiled, detailing their offering, pricing and packaging.

To complete the process, all these thoroughly researched materials are packaged into a polished report, suitable for the creation of a data sales action plan.

Why Chrysalis?
  • The team of Chrysalis analysts and researchers offer more than 75 years of combined experience in data asset research, pricing, negotiations and analysis
  • Global experience with data research and acquisition projects in more than 95 countries
  • Chrysalis maintains a massive library of comparables – more than 5000 data assets that are actively for sale in markets all over the world

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Companies with valuable data assets need to understand potential buyers, appropriate pricing, and revenue potential before selling their data

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