Humanizing Data

To truly win with data, it must be Humanized

Humanizing Data

The colossal quantities of data being generated every day are only increasing. Complex, rich data populates an exploding plethora of systems, apps, technologies and advancements across industries and geographies.

Yet successfully consuming all this data and making use of it is a sizable challenge on its own. Each of us is faced with this challenge daily, especially in the worlds of corporate analytics, digital transformation and smart cities.

To truly make these colossal quantities of data, analytics and insights digestible to the majority of users who are not analysts, scientists or technologists, we see the need to humanize the data.

What is Humanized Data?

Humanizing data transforms rich complexity into materials that are easy to understand and digest. These materials are specifically designed for laypeople: those of us who are not data scientists or technology experts.

Humanized data is delivered in a format that is tuned to the appetites, learning styles and perspectives of the users they are designed to engage. Findings are clearly explained – having been written by humans, and not algorithms. The narrative highlights exactly what the data says, why it is important, and how it can be used.

Humanized data deliverables use language that is familiar and relevant to the recipient’s goals, job responsibilities and objectives. The data points are carefully visualized to create emphasis on a just two or three key points, without excessive complexity.

The presentation of the data is carefully laid out, to be as visually appealing and compelling as possible. And finally – maybe most importantly – the data gets delivered to users, ensuring that they have what they need, instead of being expected to go digging for it.

Humanizing Your Own Data

Chrysalis specializes in humanizing complex data assets. Our teams of experts – researchers, analysts, engineers, writers, editors, designers, visualizers and layout experts – can humanize data for clients on an ad hoc, or an ongoing basis.

Or, we can train your own team to do this important work themselves in around 90 days.

To learn more, check out our Humanizing Data pages, or, contact us.

By Humanizing data we transform complex analytics into easily consumable and digestible materials, designed for people who are not technologists, scientists or analysts.

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