Data Asset AssessmentData Asset Assessment

First, define the opportunity

Data Asset Assessment

The key to creating great analytical content – for marketing or as a data product – is understanding the essence of the data available, and then applying an in-context strategy that positions the data perfectly into the strategic and the competitive landscape.

The Data Asset Assessment Process

Data Asset Assessment

After a obtaining a thorough understand of the client’s objectives, Chrysalis convenes a customized team of researchers, analysts, engineers and data to conduct a Data Audit. This in-depth review and assessment of the available data looks at:

  • Its data collection frequency and volume
  • The attributes collected
  • Fill Rates and data field formats
  • The permissions related to the data
  • Its overall readiness for analysis

This process also includes the introduction of a data sample into Chrysalis’ proprietary Flexible Data Analytics Engine, to allow selected analysts and data scientists to interact with the data and understand its capabilities and limitations.

Once completed, the research experts at Chrysalis conduct a comprehensive look at the marketplace to identify competitors, tangential data sources and the most current, relevant examples to be considered.

Finally, with this extensive work completed, the team leader delivers a thorough, specific recommendation based on the client’s objectives and the data available.

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