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Marketing Support

Content marketing is a powerful tool to engage a target audience. But to persuade a prospect to take action, that content must be heavily data driven, analytical and packed with compelling, sophisticated visuals that bring a story to life.

Well researched and intelligently written reports, blog posts and articles allow a marketer to create and control the narrative about themselves, their products, their customers and their results – an asset in today’s fast moving, limited-attention-span world. But these efforts fall flat without a core of smart analysis and hard data to back up these assertions. Absent data and knowledgeable experts to interpret it, marketers are limited to eye catching design and catchy copy.

Analytical Content that Empowers Marketing Initiatives

Content like this can be used to accomplish very specific goals:

  • Tackling a competitive threat with hard-nosed analysis that lays out not just a value proposition, but compelling proof of its ROI
  • Telling a product story with the context marketers crave, to give product launches lift, depth and breadth
  • Highlighting client successes that prospects can relate to, learn from, and aspire to
Resources to Get the Job Done

Yet for mid-sized firms, it is difficult to hire and retain a team large and skilled enough to do all this, on demand. That’s why Chrysalis is such a powerful solution: our experienced teams of analysts, researchers, data scientists, writers, editors and designers with expertise from more than a dozen industries are standing by to tell your story on your schedule.

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