Energize your public relations with compelling data

PR Alerts
Data-Driven Content to Energize PR Operations

Getting great press coverage requires a skilled PR team, armed with compelling, relevant, regularly available content. Trade writers and journalists are always hungry for great content, but they know the difference between marketing speak and hard data.

Great PR people will tell you that consistency matters too – a company that consistently engages the press with professional, polished, relevant alerts breaks through and gets consistent attention. Writers and editors come to rely on a PR team that delivers high quality materials on a regular basis, in time for deadline.

Invaluable Content to Support Thought Leadership Initiatives

Establishing true thought leadership in a category is often a function of great PR coverage. That kind of coverage comes from a conscious effort to build and release a steady stream of insightful, smart, quotable and shareable content with facts, analysis and graphics to build out the story.

Some PR teams have these capabilities built in. Many do not. If your PR team could use some extra fuel for its efforts, let the experts at Chrysalis help make it happen.

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